Who we are

Our values

We believe in:

•  Technology innovation as a fundamental factor for our organization’s development and growth. With our recent ORACLE implementation, as an Integral Management system for BiosintexOfar, we have reached a milestone and set new quality standards in productive, management and commercial procedures.   

• The importance of helping pharmacies to become health care oriented, enhancing our community’s healthcare culture rather than just selling medicines.

• The value of making medicines available to every pharmacy in the country, however small, midsize or big. That's why our Sales Management Team, specialized in medical products, provides a direct and immediate response to every client’s business needs.

• The production of quality and profitable pharmaceutical products.

• The provision of brands that ensure cost-effectiveness.

• Team work, as the basis for a sustainable organization, and success gained from the joint efforts of each stakeholder.

• Commitment, as an enabler of growth.

• Building strong and long-lasting relationships based on respect, and the search for mutual growth opportunities with our personnel, clients and providers.

• The company’s willpower as the only engine pushing our activity, which has enabled us to accomplish all the goals we have set.