Marketing Tips

1. A Pharmacy is a synonym of HEALTH CARE. Therefore, you should remove from your store any element or personal attitude that can affect this fundamental value.

2. The community’s perception of a Pharmacy is essential. Use this powerful tool to build a positive image of your Pharmacy.

3. A good Pharmacy is always updated, and shares its healthcare expertise with its community.

4. The way you explain the use and indication of a product makes all the difference between a pharmacy focused on customer care and a pharmacy that just sells medicines.

5. Providing efficient pharmaceutical counseling is more profitable than selling any product from your stock.

6. Establishing high-standard values for your organization, as well as efficient cleaning, hygiene and management processes and customer service, will enable you to build a comfortable, confident and "healthy" environment in your pharmacy.

7. Be aware of the importance of building a PATIENT-ORIENTED  PHARMACY

8. Customers don’t usually just buy a product or service. CUSTOMERS LOOK FOR BENEFITS, not just for the inherent “features” of a product or service.

- There is a big difference between “features” and “benefits”, although these terms are commonly used indistinctly

- The “pharmaceutical expertise or insight” is an essential feature of any pharmacy

- The special care you give to your patients when they come to you with a given condition is a benefit that makes all the difference between a patient-oriented pharmacy and just any pharmacy…
- A patient comes to your pharmacy looking for a solution to their condition or problem- THE PARADOX IS: Having a strong pharmaceutical expertise is useless if you can't give your patients the benefits they expect from other intangible and "non-pharmaceutical" services

- You have the advantage that you can MANAGE THE BENEFITS through:
• avoiding long waiting times at your store
• high availability of prescription products
• a wide and comprehensive offer of OTC products
• empowering the pharmacist to offer customers “confidential advice"

• considering your pharmacy’s “features” as “benefits” for your patients

9. The ESSENTIAL SERVICES a Pharmacy has to offer:
- To fill prescriptions accurately, timely and effectively.

- To remind the patient of the prescribed doses clearly and in written form

- To explain the product's use or method of administration, as well as its side effects

- To offer a complete stock of OTC products

10. Through these ESSENTIAL SERVICES, your Pharmacy will enhance EXCELLENCE, QUALITY AND EXPERTISE

11. A patient comes to you pharmacy taking for granted that they will be filled their exact prescription… what they don’t take for granted is that they will also find a GOOD PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICE. And that is exactly the benefit that the patient expects!
12. Be aware of the factors that you can manage and control in your Pharmacy:
- Range of products/services- Pricing- Pharmacy location- Pharmacy “image” and promotional activities, both formal and informal

- Your employees’ attitudes towards the patients in your Pharmacy.- The esthetics of your store.- The general business process flow in your Pharmacy

13. Make sure that all your Pharmacy tasks are focused on the patient:
- Listen and understand your customers’ needs and the benefits they are looking for

- Be always willing to adapt your pharmacy, its system and product range to your patients' needs

- DON’T FORGET THAT “without the patients, your pharmacy would not exist!”
- Be always willing to LISTEN AND GIVE ADVICE:
- Develop new services!
- Train your employees: convey them your positive experiences and insight as regards the Pharmacy.

14. Include different "conditions / illnesses" in your annual Marketing Plan.

- Skin care – Dermatology- Lice removal products- Diabetes- Hypertension- Contraception- Pregnancy- And all the issues that you consider relevant to your PATIENTS’ HEALTH CARE

15. Invest (no need for great amounts of money) in improving relationships with your patients

Enhancing customer loyalty will bring more economic growth possibilities for your pharmacy.